Trimble Access Mines


Trimble Access Mines


Based on Australian underground mining practices and workflows, the Trimble Mines includes powerful tools for survey of underground mine operations. Easy-to-use interface guides you through tasks such as ring setout or auto staking center, lines or grades to position a drilling rig using a laser pointer of a Trimble S-series Total Station.

Rugged hardware, flexible software designed for one peson operation and an extensive range of powerful auto stakeout routines makes underground surveyors’ job easier than ever.

Trimble Mines Technical Notes
Trimble Mines User Guide

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Define your Lines, Points and Rings

  • Key in, select from a DXF file, import from a CSV file, or measure in the field

  • Direct Import of data from Deswik software in Trimble JobXML format

  • Direct Import of data from Surpac string files in .STR format

  • Direct Export from from Deswik software in Trimble JobXML format

  • Direct Export to Surpac in Surpac Data Recorder (.SDF) format
    eliminates the need for any intermediary data conversion software

Streamline Your Everyday Surey Workflows

  • Auto stake predefined blast hole positions.

  • Define and auto stake center, grade, and laser lines to align a drilling rig.

  • Auto stake predefined pivot points to position a drilling rig.

  • Specify a suitable start and mark delays

  • Automatic Recording of Forward Stations to Control File

  • Automatic Stakeout of Wall Laser positions

  • 3D active maps for graphical staking of points, lines and rings

Streamline Your Reporting Workflows

Generate customised reports for your surveyed mine data on the controller while in the field and check data before you come to the surface.
Alternatively, transfer from the controller to your office software for further processing and reporting.

  • Automatic generation of graphical reports of your resection, including wall station residuals and other QA/QC data

  • Various reports directly from Deswik or Surpac software

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