Trimble 4D Control Monitoring Software


Trimble 4D Control Monitoring Software


Getting started with a scalable monitoring solutions from Trimble is easy. Trimble 4D Control manages all of your sensors, measures and stores the data according to schedules you define and provide analysis and management tools to support decision making.
You can start small and grow as your monitoring requirements increase; easily expand from postprocessed deformation monitoring campaigns all the way to real-time systems that manage your projects and alert the operator of significant motion events.

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The Trimble 4D Control software provides different components for different monitoring requirements. Each component offers a number of  functions for specific monitoring operations such as instrument control, data collection and data processing.

The web front-end of Trimble 4D Control offers comprehensive tools for data visualization, data analysis, event logging and alarming. It is optimized for fast response and live data visualization in map and custom views. It contains simple, fast charting facilities and color coded scatter plots for quick data analysis as well as high-level analysis tools for detailed inspections.

Offers multiple real-time GNSS processing engines for different monitoring tasks including a server-based RTK engine. All of them require real-time data connections to the GNSS receivers. Supported data formats are the Trimble Real-Time format, CMRx, BINEX, RTCM 3 and NMEA. Download and/or create raw data files from a GNSS receiver using a real-time connection or remote download. Raw data files can be processed automatically according to a schedule. Multiple processing sessions with different observation times, data rates, etc. can be run in parallel.

Contains a module which logs RINEX, T01 or T02 files on the server and uploads them to a Trimble-hosted web service. It also receives a correction data stream from a Trimble server to process positions in real-time. Your observation file will be processed against data collected by the service and a processed vector will be transferred back to your T4D server. No base station is required.

Contains all modules which are required for an automated, real-time monitoring system with total stations. Perform your site setup, configure the scheduler and the system will operate the instrument and take the observations. It enables you to process and analyze field data collected by using a TSC7, TSC 3 or TCU. This either can be done with the Measure rounds function of Trimble Access General Survey or with the Trimble Access Monitoring module. It includes deformation analysis, reports and charts.

Supports wide range of geotechnical sensors and weather stations.

Combines accelerometer and GNSS data in a Kalman filter to produce high rate (200 sps) displacement data.

Control Room Web
Trimble 4D Control Room Web allows to monitoring an unlimited number of Trimble 4D Control projects that belong to the same or different installations.