senseFly eBee Plus


senseFly eBee Plus


Why choose the eBee Plus?

The eBee Plus survey drone is a large-coverage photogrammetric mapping system featuring RTK/PPK upgradeability, for survey-grade accuracy on demand.

This fixed-wing craft features an RTK/PPK upgrade, resulting in survey-grade accuracy without the need for ground control points (GCP).

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The eBee Plus can map a larger area, per flight, than any drone in its weight class, so you can maximise your efficiency & plan projects with confidence.

The eBee Plus survey drone includes High-Precision on Demand; built-in RTK/PPK functionality to activate out of the box or when required. It‘s survey-grade accuracy you control, without the need for ground control points.

The eBee Plus offers a camera to suit virtually every geospatial application: the senseFly S.O.D.A. (supplied) for photogrammetric drone mapping, plus thermal infra-red & multispectral options.

Sensor Optimised for Drone Applications
The senseFly S.O.D.A. is the first camera to be built for professional drone photogrammetry work. It captures amazingly sharp aerial images, across a range of light conditions, allowing you to produce detailed, vivid orthomosaics and ultra-accurate 3D digital surface models.

Camera Options
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