Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) - Visual Line of Sight (VLoS)


Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) - Visual Line of Sight (VLoS)


CASA Certified RPAS Training to
obtain a Remote Pilot Licence (RePL)

RPAS Training is the key to legal, safe and efficient commercial drone operations.
HL Geospatial partners with Aviassist to make the process of obtaining your RePL as simple as possible.

The cost of applying through HL Geospatial for your RePL VLoS is between $2750 and $3730 + GST.

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The training is designed to equip professionals in their field with a new tool to capture information/imagery in a safe and efficient manner.
Access to up to date course material is provided for 12 months with the ability to download an eBook at any time.
Through the online learning management system, support is provided to students post training.

HL Geospatial Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) training courses are conducted over 5 days and includes:

Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate
All CASA Fees
12 months access to our online learning management system