Aerial Survey Training


Aerial Survey Training


HL Geospatial partners with Remote Results to deliver professional and comprehensive Aerial Surveying and Mapping training to clients across a range of industries.
This comprehensive 5 day course will provide you with the know-how required on your journey into aerial surveying.

The cost of applying through HL Geospatial for your Aerial Survey Training is $3300 + GST.

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Who should attend this course?

  • Surveyors looking to upskill their personal survey skills and capabilities or
    add drone survey services to their company or projects

  • Site and project engineers who want to measure and manage their sites and projects

  • Earthworks companies and contractors wanting to gain actionable insights into their material handling processes

  • Environmentalists looking to monitor and manage sensitive areas to an extreme level of detail

  • Asset engineers, infrastructure and maintenance companies who will find value in recording and monitoring assets in a 3d spatial environment

  • Individual who wants to further their personal or professional development

What will you learn?

Trained by experienced and qualified professionals, You will gain hands on, practical experience of all aspects of drone surveying and mapping, including:

  1. Fundamentals of photogrammetry

  2. Drone and camera selection, computer hardware and software selection

  3. Pre-mission planning, flight control software, quality control aspects

  4. Practical field based data collection

  5. Processing of aerial data to generate accurate 3D and 2D outputs

  6. QA and verification techniques to ensure quality and accuracy

  7. Manual editing and feature extraction

  8. Data delivery and cloud based hosting