HL Geospatial

Perth Western Australia

HL Geospatial… We help our clients measure, record and monitor Western Australia with surveying equipment and surveyor training.

HL Geospatial provides geospatial positioning solutions for professionals in surveying, mining, engineering, building construction, environment, agriculture and any industry that requires high quality geospatial solutions in WA.

We are transforming the way work is done, through the application of innovative, accurate geospatial positioning equipment and integrated software solutions.

HL Geospatial is based in Perth Western Australia and is the distributor for Trimble surveying equipment in Perth. We offer a comprehensive range of Trimble GNSS systems, Trimble Robotic Total Stations, 3D laser scanning and monitoring solutions and other complementary geographical / surveying / geospatial solutions such as surveying equipment and field software training courses in Perth.

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